News: ServiceMax® 10

16/11/2017 New functionality in ServiceMax® 10.1.412


21/08/2017 - New Phone Number 0345 1260882


With ContractMax you can set up contracts for individual customers or for the larger property owners like housing associations. Within the contract you can set up contract period, pricing etc. If a contract is not renewed it can be set to block new workorders for any given customer automatically.

AutoPricing is a function built in to ContractMax that works in conjunction with InvoiceMax and MobileMax®. Auto-pricing allows pre-defined fixed automatic pricing of jobs to be used making it much faster and easier to get all those critical invoices out. In our later version of ContractMax you can also set up if labour or parts are chargeable for a given service type and job type, where individual uplifts for parts or labour is available, adding more flexibility to invoicing.

An invoice typically goes to the occupier or a landlord, but in many cases you may want to invoice to a 3rd party like an insurance company. ContractMax allows you to set this up to occur automatically for specific service or job types.

New in the latest version is the functionality to set up a work flow for specific jobs. This way you can set up a number of specific tasks and all the necessary workorders can be generated by a minimum of clicks.


ContractMax Features